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There are many students in our community that are in need of the services that we offer. Unfortunately, not all of them can afford the monthly fees associated with the program. As a result, we are proud to offer a sponsorship program for those students. If you as an individual or as a part of a business would like to sponsor a child please contact us.

In addition to fostering the future leaders of Johnston County, we will place your name on our sponsors page to help you advertise your business or let the community know that you are helping those around you. Please contact us via the contact page and we will call you to discuss the level of sponsorship you are interested in providing.

Businesses please include your logo to include on this page if you wish to participate in our sponsorship program.

We know those needy children of Johnston County are grateful for the generosity of those of you willing to sponsor them. We will give you the contact information for that child so that you can either contact us or the student to monitor their growth to see what a wise investment will do in the life of a child.

We would like to thank the following for their generous support of this program and the education and development of our future community leaders:

real estate developer

We're in the business of helping families find the ideal place to live. Our goal is to provide quality homes for middle class America.

web design services

We are a web design company that specializes in mobile friendly site creation, graphic design, SEO and website maintenance.


Computer Science

Computer Science/Programming
Tutoring and homework help

You Can Lead Project
415 Athletic Club Blvd Clayton, NC 27527
(919) 243 - 1403 (office)

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